Childspring International is a member of the Combined Federal Campaign (#10832), Children’s Charities of America and Cycle Breakers International.
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Childspring International’s mission to transform the lives of children with medical needs is possible thanks to our committed team of staff, interns, volunteers, and host families.

Whether you are a college student, doctor, translator, or retiree, you can provide hope and healing to children who live half a world away.


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 Thinking about volunteering with Childspring? Devote some time to our cause, donate your resources as a medical professional, or host a child in your home. Visit our volunteer page or email Darryl Payne at to learn more about how you can use your talents to serve children.

Work With Us

Another Childspring International Success

Curious about internship & job opportunities at Childspring? Take a look at our internship and job page for opportunities here.


Another Childspring International Success

Interested in making a financial, in-kind, stock,

or planned gift? Visit here to see the difference you would make. If you’re ready to donate, click here. or email

Darryl Payne at