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How We Serve

Supporters like you have helped transform more than 4,378 children and their global communities. Thank you!

Childspring International facilitates medical care for children with treatable conditions, and in the process, increases hope and opportunity for their whole communities. Whether by shortening children’s lives, hindering their movement, limiting their access to education, or contributing to social isolation, medical conditions are serious obstacles for children in developing countries.

Childspring has made treatment possible for children with a wide range of medical conditions, including congenital heart defects, a wide variety of skeletal conditions, injuries caused by burns and accidents, and more. We are currently able to treat most children through international partnerships. Children who can’t be treated in their home countries are commonly brought to the United States for medical care.

Childspring facilitates birth certificates, passports, visas, and airline tickets for children’s travel to the U.S.

Trained, loving, host families welcome the children into their homes while they receive care in the States.

Thanks in large part to in-kind donations by doctors and hospitals, Childspring is able to provide children with world-class medical care.

After treatment is completed, children return to their home countries with renewed health and hope for a brighter future.

Contribute to the health and happiness of a child in a developing country

Refer a child for medical treatment in a developing country

Scholarship Program

Childspring offers elementary, middle, and high school scholarships to children returning home after medical treatment for those without any other means to attend school. In 2014, Childspring provided scholarships to 46 children in El Salvador, Haiti and La Gonave, Jamaica, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Childspring’s scholarship program reflects our emphasis on healing the whole child.  

Please email Darryl-Christopher Payne if you would like to sponsor a child’s scholarship.

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