Childspring International

Where We Serve

Thanks to the loving care of doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, and host families, last year Childspring gave more than 400 children the opportunity for a better life.

Our international network of partnerships enables us to give children specialized, compassionate care. For more information about our most active initiatives, please visit Our Programs page.

Childspring International has provided care for children from 52 developing countries, including:

Afghanistan, Albania, Argentina, Bahamas, Benin, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, the Haitian island of La Gonave, Honduras, India, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kosovo, Liberia, Lithuania, Mexico, Moldova, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Philippines, Puerto Rico (a U.S. territory), Russia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somaliland (an autonomous region of Somalia), St. Vincent & the Grenadines, St. Lucia, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Tibet, Trinidad & Tobago, Uganda, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zambia

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