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Our international network of partnerships enables us to give children specialized, compassionate care. Depending on a child’s medical condition and the availability of expert pediatric treatment, they may be treated in their home country, a neighboring country, or in the United States.

Our Programs

Project Healthy Hearts

Screens under-served children semi-annually to determine their need for heart surgery. Surgeries are performed each month. Our services include providing recovery fees as well as prescription medication and transportation as needed.

Project 365

Primarily performs hernia surgeries on children between 5 -18 years of age, with an average of 12 surgeries per month. Due to the critical nature of urology cases, children with these conditions are treated as early in life as possible.

Project Little Eyes

Provides surgery for children with eye conditions. Services include pre/post-op exams, anesthesia and medication as well as food and lodging for the child and parent.

Project Smiles

Organizes mission trips to provide surgery for children born with cleft lip and palate. Most children have surgery within the first year or two of life for optimal success.

Project Bridges International

Connects children to medical care in their home country or nearby countries when the required treatment is unavailable to them.

Project Bridges U.S.

Pathways are created for care in the United States for children whose conditions require complex medical treatment.