Childspring International


The children Childspring serves are from 52 different countries around the world.

Before joining the Childspring team, staff worked in the television, airline, and soft drink industries, managed costumes for a dance company, applied to medical school, and tutored college students in philosophy.

Volunteers include pediatricians, CEOs, hairdressers, and middle and high schoolers.

Meet Haider

Haider Al-jayashy helps as one of the international coordinators for Childspring. Haider joined Childspring International in May 2017 when he started to bring children for surgical treatment from Iraq and the Middle East region. Haider’s passion to help children and non-profit organizations began when he brought his niece, Waghdan, to the USA in 2006 as a burn victim of the war in Iraq in 2003. He worked for the Fort Wayne Community Schools in Indiana for 19 years as a professional Evaluator / Interpreter for the department of ELL. He played as a pro volleyball player in both Iraq and the USA. He also taught volleyball as a mastery certified coach in college, high school, and clubs. Haider enjoys playing sports, indoor and beach volleyball, swimming, walking, movies, and, of course, travel.

Meet Seguinde

Seguinde St Hilaire is the International Coordinator for Childspring International in Haiti. For over 10 years, Seguinde has helped hundreds of Haitian children get connected to critical medical treatment and surgery. Prior to assisting Childspring’s efforts in providing life-changing surgeries to children, Seguinde served as an External Consultant for Smile Train, where under his leadership over 200 children with cleft lip and cleft palate got a new smile through surgery. Seguinde has also worked as Professor in many colleges in Haiti and he is certified as a Green Project Manager-Level b (GPM-b). Seguinde St Hilaire earned his Master’s degree in International Development Management from Université Laval in Quebec. His current responsibilities with Childspring International include patient case management and assisting approved patients in their travel abroad for treatment. Seguinde enjoys lecturing on children’s rights and sustainable project practices.

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