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Childspring International takes seriously it’s commitment to fiscal responsibility.

Childspring International takes seriously its commitment to fiscal responsibility. A donation of $430 enables children to receive heart surgery through our South American partnerships.

Children in Haiti or Sierra Leone can receive hernia surgery for $385.

Children in India can receive orthopedic surgery for $120.

Our goal is to serve 5,000 children by 2021. Infrastructure, funding and support services must increase proportionally as we continue our legacy of care for these children.

For more information about Childspring International’s financial accountability, please view our:


2013 Annual Report

2013 990

2013 Audit Report


2014 Annual Report

2014 Audit Report

2014 990


2015 Annual Report

2015 Audit Report

2015 990


2016 Audit Report

2016 990

2016 Annual Report


2017 Audit Report

2017 990

2017 Annual Report


2018 Audit Report

2018 990

2018 Annual Report

Childspring International Policies:

Childspring International Whistleblower Policy

Childspring International Donor Privacy Policy

Childspring International Code of Business Conduct

Childspring International Conflict of Interest Policy

Volunteer Policies & Procedures-Internal

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Childspring International is accredited by Cycle Breakers International which vets charities to ensure high-quality programs.

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