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Mercy Shines at Her New School

Mercy 7.28.15 croppedMeet Mercy, a 13-year-old and avid reader in Kenya who received care from Childspring in 2007.

After completing treatment and returning home, Mercy was awarded a scholarship from Childspring to further her schooling. This June, however, brought a terrible surprise: the school she has grown up attending was forced to shut down in the middle of the school year as the result of a land dispute.

Distraught, Mercy’s father contacted Childspring in the hope of transferring Mercy to another school without losing much instructional time. Though she was sorry to say goodbye to her old friends and teachers, thanks to support from the Childspring community, Mercy was able to start a new school with ease. What’s more, her new school greeted her with a standing ovation: despite the pain of her chronic condition, Mercy is ranked the third best overall student in a zone of 106 Kenyan schools. The next week, she was invited to give a speech to the school’s fraternity about her travel to the United States through Childspring.

Mercy says that the Childspring community’s generosity has inspired her to give back to her community. She hopes to help students achieve their goals the same way Childspring has helped her.

Childspring is proud to support future global leaders like Mercy.